I haven’t talked much about my workouts lately.  I know everyone just whispered a collective “thank you” to themselves as they read that sentence.  But, to stay true to the core of my blog, I have to bore you with some training stuff every once in a while.

So today’s topic is…..would you rather have me or Jillian Michaels as your personal trainer?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!  Before you answer, let me spice up the pot a bit:

With me, you get exclusive use of a 50,000 square foot workout facility.  Or, as I like to call it….Target!

I hold personal training lessons on Aisle 13, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-6 p.m.

We usually start with shoulders.

Then, we move on to curls and work those biceps.

So what, if Jillian Michaels has The Biggest Loser Ranch.  You can come to my Aisle and work out with a pretty big loser any time you want…with the exception of holidays.  My Aisle gets a little too busy around that time.

I even have my own workout DVD’s.  Well, sort of.  They’re all in black and white and held on reserve with store security!

The decision is yours.  Choose wisely!


Even though most of the day was consumed by errands and last-minute shopping, I did find time to clock a 3-mile run.  It seems like we’re always among the crowd of shoppers standing in long lines one or two days before Christmas.  By the way, I love commercials (if they’re good)!  If you haven’t seen this commercial yet, get used to it because it will certainly be a Christmas classic for years to come:

I love the double entendre Santa Claus.  What do you mean Sheenasheen?  1) It’s Santa Claus and 2) It’s ME!

That’s brilliant!  I could go into more detail but you probably already think I’m ridiculous for using the term double entendre and being so excited about a commercial.