What do I wear when I’m running?

Thanks to an early visit from Santa Claus, Sheenasheen is way too excited about a new pair of running pants.  That’s right, I referred to myself by my nickname and in third person.  Santa Claus (my parents) brought me a sweatshirt that didn’t quite fit.  Don’t be confused, I looove sweatshirts and sweatpants.  Ask anybody! However….

When my husband and I went to exchange the sweatshirt for the right size, I didn’t make it past the first clothing display.  In the market for some pants to wear for these cold weather runs, I fell in love with the Nike Combat compression pants.

Thanks Santa

Go ahead, it's okay to laugh at the corny stretching picture!

As you can see from the pictures, Sheenasheen loves to be noticed.  Plain black pants are boring.  I needed the tie-dyed!  I hope Santa Claus doesn’t mind, but I just had to do it.  And, as usual, my husband gave the customary eye-roll when I got so excited.  Hey, it’s tough battling the winter temps.  Momma gots’ta have some Combat gear!  Oh, btw, I went for a run after I took these pictures and the pants feel great.  The wind ain’t got nothing on these bad boys.


My husband makes fun of me for wearing this headband while I run.  He say’s “Sheena, that thing looks goofy.”  But hey, if it keeps my ears warm while I’m running, who cares.  I also think it’s quite cute.  On a side note, I only paid $4 for it at Rose’s.