Marathon Training

Yesterday marked the beginning of my marathon training.  While I was out there, I had such mixed emotions.  I was excited…and nervous…and slightly intimidated to tell you the truth.  After running for 7 months, I’m already training for a marathon?  Who do I think I am?

Regardless of my emotions, the money has been paid and the commitment made.  I’m invested!

For the first run, my training program only requires that I put in 3 miles.  So, in order to challenge myself a little more, I decided to find a really difficult route with LOTS and LOTS of hills.

Did I mention that it was fa-reeeeezing outside?!!!

All I wanted when I got home was a blazing hot shower, my UNC Snuggie, and a cup of hot chocolate!!!

Unfortunately, the only thing I could sneak in before Baby Davis woke up from his nap was the shower.  The  Snuggie and hot chocolate had to wait until later on in the night.

Oh well…

All is well, that ends well!



I’ve added the Tobacco Road Marathon and Half-Marathon to my list of running events this year.  I will be running in the half-marathon since I’m preparing to run a full the following month.  The race is in Cary, North Carolina on March 20, 2011.  This is a really great event.  It will be my first time running it, but I did attend the race last year to support a friend of mine.  If you’re interested in running, I have provided the link for information and registration:

Early registration ends 12/31/10.

Hope to see you there!


Marathon training here I come!

I found the training program I plan to use for my first marathon.  The “County Music Marathon” in Nashville is April 30, 2011(only 19 weeks away!).  I’m excited, and anxious, about starting to train because that means I’m committing myself to something that scares the mess out of me.  My training will begin the week of January 10th.  Until then, I am going to focus mainly on cross training, core strengthening, and speed intervals.  Since people at work have been asking me why I’m limping around so much, I figure it might be time to give my joints a small reprieve from the long runs.

I’m letting you see my training plan now, so that maybe I can convince some of you to run with me.  What do you think?  Are we motivated to get running?

I’ll keep you posted through my training process.

This plan was created by Andrew Kastor, husband of Olympic Bronze-medalist Deena Kastor, and a very good runner in his own right.  Off means what you think, no running.  The numbers represent the mileage for the corresponding day, and XC stands for cross training.

M Tu W Th F Sa Su
Week 1 Off 3 XC 3 4 XC 6
Week 2 Off 4 XC 4 4 XC 7
Week 3 Off 4 XC 5 4 XC 8
Week 4 Off 4 XC 5 4 XC 9
Week 5 Off 4 XC 6 4 XC 8
Week 6 Off 4 XC 6 4 XC 12
Week 7 Off 4 XC 7 4 XC 12
Week 8 Off 4 XC 7 4 XC 14
Week 9 Off 4 XC 8 4 XC 15
Week 10 Off 4 XC 8 4 XC 16
Week 11 Off 4 XC 6 4 XC 17
Week 12 Off 4 XC 8 4 XC 18
Week 13 Off 4 XC 5 4 XC 20
Week 14 Off 4 XC 8 4 XC 14
Week 15 Off 4 XC 6 4 XC 10
Week 16 Off 4 XC 5 3 XC 26.2!
Monday: Off.
Tuesday: Run at a conversational pace.
Wednesday: 60 minutes of non-impact exercise (bike, swimming, elliptical).
Thursday: Run at conversational pace. At end of run, do 4-6 sets of strides: gradual accelerations of about 80 meters or 10-15 seconds. The stride should end with you at about 90% of maximum speed.
Friday: Run at conversational pace.
Saturday: 60 minutes of non-impact exercise (bike, swimming, elliptical).
Sunday: Most important run of the week. Run at conversational pace; be sure to drink a fluid/carbohydrate/electrolyte replacement drink every 20-25 minutes on this run.