me and my boys

I’m a hard-working woman with two wonderful men in my life;  my husband Kurt and my son, Davis.  I absolutely love being a wife and mother.  It’s simply the most joyous part of my life.  I’ve worked in healthcare for over 10 years and love every moment of it.  I will try to carve out some time to share those parts of my life with you, but my main goal is to discuss running.

I started running when I was blindsided with a health scare.  My dad, at age 51, suffered a massive heart attack.   When this happened,  I felt like I needed to make some BIG changes so I’m not in the same boat when I’m in my 50’s.  By accident, I found out that Ireally love running.  And, guess what?  I find it easier to control my diet and eat the right things when I’m running and staying in shape.

In six months, I’ve gone from running less than a mile at a time, to running a half-marathon (13.1 miles).  My goals are getting higher and higher the more I run.   So,  I hope you will stick with me as I continue down this road, one run and one goal at a time!


One Response to “About Sheenasheen”

  1. Gwin and Sally Hilton Says:

    We are so glad you will be sharing your running experiences and hope one day you can go to Charleston and run the Cooper River Bridge Race. It is a great race and a lot of fun. We are looking forward to hearing more:)

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