Okay, now that I have your attention with a very misleading title, let us begin.

So maybe I’m not bringing sexy back, but I am returning in a sense…from a two-day hiatus in blog writing.

This might sound ridiculous, but I felt so much pressure to get back in the swing of things.  Even though I know people weren’t hanging on the edge of their seats for the next Sheenasheen blog post, I get worried about my little corner of the internet when I neglect it. 

So here we go…

Thanks to the great weather, Davis has been to the park twice this week!  YAY!

For those of you wanting to hear about running stuff, I apologize if the site seems to be leaning heavily towards a mommy blog lately.  I just really love talking about my little man.  And I do mean, little man.  Not a baby. 😦 

Moms reading this: Does it change with a second child, or do you still have the up and down feelings with them getting older? 

I mean, it’s incredible to see him walking and playing like a boy, but I get all emotional when I look at pictures from last year.  He was my little chubby football.

So anyway, about the park:

Davis wanted to hang all over me for a little bit, but then he opened up and started playing with a little girl named Eden.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but I did get this one:

what kind of face is he making?

When it was time to go, he walked over to Eden and her mom with his arms out and gave them both a big ole‘ hug.  That’s my little lover boy!

Maybe he’s the one that’s bringing sexy back.

Or….maybe not! 🙂