In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m taking you guys on a trip down Memory Lane.  Do you remember your first date with your significant other?  Well, I do.

Welllllll, I guess you could call it a date if you really want to.  It was actually more like two dorks going out in public and embarrassing ourselves.

Without further adieu….

Allow me to explain.

So, Kurt and I were set up by a mutual friend who suggested that we just hang out the first time we meet rather than do a “real”, nerve-racking, date.  We apparently took that advice to heart.  I can’t remember what we did before these pictures to break the ice, but I think it’s safe to say we were pretty comfortable being in each others company by the time we took over the aisles at K-Mart.  (Come to think of it, I do a lot of hanging out in supermarket aisles.)

look at that phone! are you serious?

Kurt and I got the biggest laugh out of these pictures while I was putting together this post.  When he saw this last picture, he was shocked at how he was hanging all over me.  He told me that when we went on our “first” real date a few days later, he was almost too nervous to talk during dinner.

I guess neither one of us was too nervous for too long.  We got engaged 4 months later and married 4 months after that.  And here we are, nearly 8 years later!

Want to pick on us?  Leave me a comment.  Or you can share some of your memories if you like.

P.S.  If you want to share your memories, they don’t have to be as embarrassing as mine!