The boys and I headed back to the ‘Hill’ yesterday after a brief visit with our families.  I spent most of the day with my parents and my brother at the hospital for my dad’s heart procedure.

Everything went well with the procedure.  He has to go back for a second round in two weeks though. 😦

While I was with my family, Kurtis took Baby Dizzle to see his family.


Davis showing his tongue to Neenie


Davis was excited about his Valentine’s present!

Neenie made the Frog Prince on the bag.

Davis liked what was in the bag so much, he decided to give it a big ole’ bear hug!

After loving on the frog, Baby D spent some quality time with his cousins.

I have no idea what’s going on in either one of those last two pics, but it looks like they’re having fun.

That would be my child with the plastic box on his head. 🙂

Does anyone notice anything weird about the last picture?


Quick note about my treadmill run….

a) I didn’t like it at all.  I much prefer running outside, and

b) Kurtimus came downstairs while I was running and didn’t bother to announce himself.  Let me just tell you…I almost dropped an elbow on his forehead for scaring me so badly!  He claims it was an accident.  Any women out there with “hilarious” husbands believe that?  HaHaHa!  Not funny!