No, this isn’t a 2-month late post about things to get someone on Christmas Eve.

Nope, today was one of those days where I couldn’t think of anything to blog about until the very last-minute.  It has a title.  It’s called “writer’s block”.  Or in my case, a life that’s just not that interesting to talk about everyday.

But then I got home from work, and Davis wanted me to tell him about the red dress on my shirt.

ignore the frisbee. its not relevant to the story.

I told him I was wearing the red dress because February is American Heart Month.  He said, “Oh yeah, I know all about that!”  He gave me a few pointers:

He asked me if I was going to blog about it and let everyone know how important it is to be heart smart.

Here’s a recap of the things he wanted me to know:

He thinks everyone should have this information, so don’t let Davis down!  We can help lower the rate of heart disease through action and awareness.  Just click the Facebook or Twitter button and you can spread the word!