Growing up, we always had at least one dog in the family.  Before I got married and moved out, we had a toy poodle named KoKo.

After I got married, my heart was broken without my KoKo.  So, Kurt and I decided to get a toy poodle of our own.  Enter KeKe:

Sorry I don’t have any puppy pictures to put in the post.  Due to the fast pace of the digital revolution, most of our puppy pics were taken with disposable cameras and point-and-shoot 35mm cameras!  If you really want to see them, I would be more than happy to have you over and bore you with all 3 photo albums.

Continuing my story….we thought that KeKe was bored without a sister.  We later found out that she was really just a pretty lazy dog!  Anywho….enter Reesey (the sister):


Was it mean to put the bonnet on her head?

We had these two little girls for 7 years and I loved them like they were my kids.  However, when we had Big Baby Davis, it started to become really difficult to take care of two needy dogs and a baby too.  They were so accustomed to being on my lap and by my side every minute of every day.  I just felt like I wasn’t able to give them the attention they needed.  So, we had to find a new home for them.  I have to admit there are plenty of days I second guess the decision to give them away.

What makes it even harder is that Davis absolutely loves dogs.

All things equal, I think we made the right decision, but that doesn’t make me miss them any less.  Here’s to KeKe and Reesey….the best little girls in the world.  I hope they’re getting showered with all the love they deserve in their new home.

And….I think I’m crying now!