Hey guys!  I missed ya’ll yesterday.  When I skip a day of blogging, I feel terrible.  It’s almost worse than missing a run!

To catch you up, I ran 7 miles on Sunday, 4 on Tuesday with Fleet Feet’s Next Step running group, core work on Wednesday and Friday, and today….


I ran 4 miles of these hills this morning.  Whew!  Got a long run tomorrow and I think I’m gonna stick to the more level terrain.

2 side notes:

1. We watched “The Social Network” last night.  Thanks redbox for good entertainment and only taking $1.08 in return.

2. The weather was warm and sunny today underneath “Carolina” blue skies while the Heels put a beatdown on rival N.C. State at the Dean Dome!  I guess they’re still a rival even though they never beat us! HA! 🙂

Gotta go, it’s GIRL’S NIGHT OUT TONIGHT!  Whoop, whoop!