By Kurtrina

Let’s make it illegal to run and wear headphones!  That’s what a Senator from Arkansas implied a few days ago, before changing his tune.  His constituents quickly said “Yeah right dude, that ain’t gonna happen”.

According to, Sen. Jimmy Jeffress of Arkansas and Sen. Carl Kruger of New York were considering legislation that would ban headphone ( or earbuds) usage by pedestrians.  They argue, that walkers and runners pose a social hazard when distracted by their music and headphones.

While Jeffress has decided to seemingly eat his own words, Kruger appears to be sticking to the idea.  He wants a $100 fine for those who would act in violation of  the proposed ordinance.

Here’s how I feel about it.  People talking and texting on their cell phones, while driving, are dangerous and often times annoying.  That’s just me.  If you disagree, that’s cool.  I think driving is a privilege and a responsibility.  And hey, a car is quite the deadly weapon when used improperly!  We should be very diligent about the emerging conflict between the distractions of ‘gadgets’ and how they relate to vehicle safety.  When common sense legislation is drafted with regards to driving, I’m usually on board.

However, I could not disagree more when it comes to restricting the use of headphones (or other ‘gadgets’) for pedestrians.  If you’re walking or running and can’t pay attention to your surroundings because of your headphones…and it causes you injury…OH WELL!  If a car can’t get out of your way…OH WELL!  That driver shouldn’t be at fault if he/she hits you.  Likewise, the mall shouldn’t be liable if you fall in a water fountain because you’re too busy texting (of course that would never happen, right?).

We can attempt to protect the public from dangers caused by others, but we shouldn’t be in the business of protecting people from themselves!

To all you runners out there, continue to enjoy your music and your freedom!  Just try to avoid getting squashed!

Remember Frogger?

What do you guys think?