Yes, I’m married.


Ever heard of him?  UNC basketball, National Player of the Year, ACC All-Time Leading Scorer, National Champion, Pycho-T, broke his nose and played without a mask or anything two games later?  Oh yeah, that guy!

In yesterday’s post, I told you I would save this info for a post all by itself.  Today feels like a good day to follow through.

If you know me personally, this is certainly no surprise.  If you don’t know me however, I can bring you up to speed.

Was I a stalker?  Well…………define stalker!

Does standing outside the Dean Dome 5 hours before the game, in 15 degree weather, getting my husband to ask him to take the picture because I’m too nervous, and because I might spontaneously ask him to marry me, count?

Unfortunately, that was the first and last picture I ever took with my “celebrity husband”.  When we saw him at a football game the next year, he put the brakes on our relationship pretty quickly when I asked him for another pic.

I guess it just wasn’t meant to be!