Raise your hand if the following sounds like you:

Hello, my name is ____________ and I’m an overcommitter.

When it’s football season…I want to help plan the tailgate.

When there’s a project at work….I want to lead it or at least be involved.

I'll explain this picture some other time!


Want a piece of gum?  Why yes I do!

Wanna go to dinner?  Sure!

Wanna move to Canada?  Absolutely…..wait a minute….what?

Well, my hand is definitely up!

The local Fleet Feet store has a training program for runners.  Recently, they invited me to be a mentor for a group training to run a Chapel Hill 10-miler!  What did I say?  Take a wild guess!  I’m only partially committed though.  I’ll be running with them twice a week (as it fits with my schedule).  Kurt says I’ll have to find a new place to live if I commit to any more than that. 🙂