Living in the South, we’re not accustomed to multiple snowstorms…so we make sure to take advantage of them when they come through.

Did I say snowstorms?  Heck, we get out there and play when it’s just an ice storm!


Little Man four-wheelin'...sort of!


My husband and I wanted to get our little man out there in the snow, I mean ice, and let him play.  Well, after 5 minutes, here’s what actually happened:


That thing goes so much faster when a grown man’s not trying to ride on it!

When it comes to winter weather in the South, you won’t find a bunch of kids frolicking and building snowmen.

Oh no, no, no, no, no…

Snowballs?  What’s a snowball?

Here in the South, we put our dads on four-wheelers (that are apparently powered by gerbils running on treadmills) and take videos like it’s cool or something.

That’s just how we roll! 🙂