I don’t want to constantly bombard you with “running this…” and “running that…”.  So today, I want to cut a little slice of time from the daily blogging to mention how lucky and grateful I am to have such wonderful support from family and friends.  As I was reminded at work today, there are lots of people that would gladly trade places if they could.

It just hurts me so much to realize that some people, regardless of how hard they try, seem to meet resistance from everyone in their life.  The worst thing is, that many times the resistance comes from the people in their life that should be the most supportive and encouraging.  It’s as if they do everything they can to make something better of themselves, and the people around them just can’t stand to see it happen.  I don’t know why misery loves company.

In life’s lottery, I was definitely born with a winning ticket.  I have really amazing parents and my in-laws are pretty wonderful, too.  My husband, well if I had to tell you everything that is great about him it would be way too long, so I will keep it to incredible, supportive and gorgeous. My son is the most precious and beautiful child ever.  My brother is and will always be my best friend.  Aside from family, I have some very special friends and co-workers, and some that are both.  I just can’t imagine where I would be without the great people in my life.

In the wake of the recent Powerball drawing, I want those around me to know that I feel wealthier than any 6 number combination ever could.  Well, at least until the power bill comes in the mail! 🙂