Many of you are keeping up with the blog and possibly asking yourself why I like running so much.  I’ve talked about it briefly in other posts, but I want to share what actually keeps me motivated.

Motivation seems to be one of the hardest things to find when it comes to fitness and exercise.  I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t do something every day that I find boring.  So a lot of you (if you don’t run or tried it and hated it) are wondering what I find so “interesting” about running.  It’s a perfectly legitimate question.  Let me try to answer your question by taking you back to my “3 Mile Miracle”.

As you may or may not know, I started running about 7 months ago following my dad’s unexpected and untimely heart attack.  It scared me into shape, causing me to start running, exercising, and eating better.  I don’t want to rehash everything I’ve already told you before, but suffice it to say, running didn’t come easy at first.  I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but somewhere around the 2 or 3 month mark, I went for a run and the “Miracle” happened.

I don’t use the word miracle all that much because I don’t want my husband hearing it and subsequently using it.  I love the man to death, but the way he pronounces it makes me want to scream!  I told him about it the other day…he moped  for a few minutes, but he got over it.  Anyway, back to my story about the miracle.

So, I went for a run and I ran 3 (count them 1,2,3), 3 whole miles without stopping.  For any of you ultra-marathoners reading this, I hear you laughing.  Be nice!  It was a miracle!  Okay, maybe it was just a really awesome breakthrough.  Anyway, long story short, it was just the thing I needed to get over the hump.  After that, I gained confidence every time I hit the road and the miles started to pile up.

The story of the “3 Mile Miracle” brings us back to the question about motivation.  It’s not about the distance.  It has hardly anything to do with losing weight.  All these months later, I’m also finding that it’s not so much about fearing the consequences of not staying healthy.  I think it’s something more:

Running has been a microcosm for harnessing, fighting, and conquering life’s challenges. Every time I lace up the shoes and run, I learn a little more about who I am and the remarkable power I’m able to unleash both mentally and physically.  I have challenges, but I win.  I feel tempted to quit, but I keep going.  In running and in life, I’m getting stronger!