The first month of this blog has zipped right along.  I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support and readership.  Since it’s the end of the year and the end of the first month of the blog, it just feels right to look ahead at some ways I can improve this experience for the readers and myself.  I am also open to suggestions if anyone has ideas.

Here are some of the things I have planned to introduce in 2011:

  1. Interviews with experienced runners and novice runners like myself.
  2. Sharing various exercises and stretches (and utilizing more photos and video) to enhance the experience.
  3. Recipes for various aspects of running (i.e. carb loading, muscle-building).  Recipes for general nutrition, heart health, and calorie reduction (for the non-runners who just want to eat healthier).  I’m hoping to work with someone in particular but I haven’t asked yet.  I hope he says yes.  You will like EVERYTHING he comes up with!
  4. Guest contributions from other runners, moms, running moms…or just anyone interesting that might have had a mom at some point!  The idea is to expand the voice of the blog to include other perspectives.  Trust me, if you’re not bored with me yet, you will be.  If you would like to contribute, I want to hear from you.  Send me a message on Facebook.
  5. More Baby Davis…maybe…I need to ask him if he’s okay with that!
  6. More fun, more running, more enjoying life!

That’s where we’ll start, but there’s no telling where we’ll end.  I hope you plan to stick with me as I continue the journey…one run and one day at a time.