As promised, I’m going to talk about something other than running on occasion.  Since it’s the holiday season, there may be a few posts in the coming days that revolve around Christmas.  Take a look at the Secret Santa gift I got at work today.


Thanks Blaine (I mean...Secret Santa)!


When it comes to giving me gifts,  1) Warmth and  2)UNC are two good ideas.  The Snuggie incorporates both, so I’m pretty excited.  I wanted to bust it out at work today, but they wouldn’t let me.  That’s alright though, I’ll make sure it gets plenty of use.  If you spot someone shopping at the mall wearing a UNC Snuggie there’s a good chance it’s me.  It might just become my new “uniform” (as Kurt likes to call the things I wear every day).

And, to top it off, Secret Santa included a subscription to Runner’s World magazine.  Hot Dog!!!